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About me

Hi. My name is Roman. I am already working as a web-developer more than twelve years.

I earned my first million when I was 17 years old. Unfortunately, that was not euros or dollars, but belarussian rubles, so it was pretty easy to earn. In addition to my own course work, I also took on that of my college mates` on Delphi and C/C++ for money. It was the period of my life when I was getting my first education and got the qualification "technician programmer".

After the college I got a job where I didn't have to work a lot and I could use my time for the world of web-development. At the same time I was getting senseless high education just to avoid army.

Three years of sitting in an uncomfortable office and watching series exhausted me, so I quit. My side income was already twice more than my salary, so I could move to freelance without any doubt.

In 2010 I started developing with pure PHP. Over the years I have had a lot of experience with Joomla, Wordpress, MODx, Prestashop, Opencart and even 1C-Bitrix. Finally, I moved to using frameworks. The last time I have worked with Laravel, discovered Nuxt.js and Tailwind for myself, and at the current time I am mostly doing frontend, using all the popular frameworks.

Full name:
Roman Meyer
Buxtehude, Lower Saxony, Germany
Date of birth:
Februar 9, 1991
Place of birth:
Slavyanka, Primorsky Krai, Russia


  • PHP (plain PHP, Phalcon, Laravel, a bit Sylex and Lumen). Now I am mostly using Laravel.
  • JavaScript (plain JS, jQuery‚ Vue.js/Vuex/Nuxt.js, Alpine, Svelte, React, Qwik, Electron, Node/Express), TypeScript.
  • HTML, CSS (SASS, SCSS, Stylus), markup and styling (Bootstrap, Tailwind).
  • Delphi 7, Pascal.
  • Python on the level to write simple utility scripts.
  • Lots of experience with CMS Joomla, MODX, Drupal, Opencart, 1С-Bitrix, Prestashop, Wordpress and a bunch of self-made systems.
  • Databases (MySQL‚ Postgres, Informix‚ dBase, Mongo)‚ SQL knowing.
  • Automatic testing (Jest, Mocha, Cypress, Playwright).
  • CI/CD (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, AWS).
  • Installing and maintaing web-dev server environment (Homestead, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, Docker) on Windows and Unix.
  • Windows 8 applications (HTML+JS).
  • Windows Phone 8 mobile applications (HTML+JS, XAML+C#).
  • Understanding of OOP, MVC, design patterns.
  • Ability to puzzle out foreign code, habit to write self-documented code and add comments only when it is really necessary.
  • Ability to work with version control systems.
  • Understanding of algorithmization‚ data structures‚ estimating the complexity of algorithms.
  • Ability to understand and refactor any spaghetti-code.
  • Fast learner.


Native language.
Also native, but only used in school. Speaking Belarussian is a bit complicated now.
In virtue of similarity with Russian and Belarussian I understand everything very good. But writing and speaking are pretty hard.
I've been learning English since I was five years old. I have no big problems, only some confusions with using times.
I've been learning it for three years, mostly by myself. I have practice every day. But I still have problems with expressing myself in German.
My understanding is good, but I can't use the language very well.
New challenge for me.


August 2010 - October 2013
OJSC Svitanak Zhodino, Belarus
Software engineer
I started to work right after college. The work consisted of the automation of various processes within the framework of a large sewing industry. Basically, I helped the marketing, finance and hostel departments. I developed application software in Delphi 7 for them. I saved people a lot of time. At first, I worked with enthusiasm, but it soon became clear that the state enterprise was not interested in intelligent specialists. So I quit.
DelphiFast ReportInformixdBase
November 2013 - December 2015
ITGarant Minsk, Belarus
Full stack web-developer
I made turnkey web-sites on Joomla and wrote custom components for that CMS. One of the projects has won the "Russian Developers Cup 2014 from the Mail.ru group". Besides, I came across projects on Drupal and a lot of self-made sites, which required bugfix and refactoring. I also made a simple application for Windows 8.
JoomlaDrupalWindows 8Windows Phone
January 2016 - June 2018
Full stack web-developer
This was a very carefree period of my life. I have collaborated with several organizations in the CIS and gained a ton of experience. Most of all I came across orders for 1C-Bitrix. I was doing a lot of parsing of specific data in cooperation with one large company.
July 2018 - august 2021
RECO.MA GmbH Beselich, Germany
Full stack web-developer
I got a job offer with relocation to Germany and did not hesitate. I did a few big and ambitious projects in Laravel. Also I maintained a couple of sites on Wordpress and developed custom user interfaces.
September 2021 - august 2022
von Kéler Engineering GmbH Braunschweig, Germany
Full stack web-developer
I became a part of the web development team. At first I was engaged in internal projects of the company, and then I did an interesting thing on React inside of Electron. In addition, I took part in the rework of a low-level application for Siemens.
September 2022 - until now
Digitas Pixelpark GmbH Cologne, Germany
Full stack web-developer
I joined to big team that deals with large web projects.



Simple service for generation of random values. Recently I finally found a bit of time to rewrite the project from the pure JS into Nuxt, and also made open API with Express. I regularly use password generator myself.

Nuxt 2TailwindCSS 2ExpressMySQL

Some kind of a blog

My personal themed blog. It is very specific and made only for simplifying to share among friends. In the stats I see that some people find and read articles. For very long time I am planning global rebuild to better administrate posts.

Laravel 7MySQL

BlurHash demo

For a presentation at work I needed to show what blurhash is, how to use it and what alternatives it has. To do that I decided to make a demo project and use the latest version of Nuxt at the same time. There is also a converter inside the demo.

Nuxt 3TailwindCSS 3

Debt Calculator

Web application for calculating debts in groups. Often when traveling there is confusion about who owes whom and how much money in the end. To avoid count it all on a piece of paper or in Excel, I implemented the calculator on React.

React 18TailwindCSS 3

Travel Calculator

Another thing might be useful when traveling. Allows you to quickly convert prices in a foreign currency to the usual, and can also show how many hours you need to work to make some purchase. Implemented with Qwik and integration of several React components.

QwikTailwindCSS 3


2006 - 2010
Baranovichi State College of Light Industry V.E. Chernysheva
Baranovichi, Belarus
Technician-programmer (specialized secondary education)
Information technology software
2010 - 2015
Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno
Grodno, Belarus
Software engineer (higher education)
Information technology software


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